Aha is an exclusive Telugu content platform for Telugu people

Aha is an exclusive Telugu content platform for Telugu people

The South Indian film industry is dominated collectively by the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada film industries. These firm industries operate out of Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, and Bangalore, respectively.

The Telugu film industry is perhaps the liveliest, vibrant, and wealthiest film industry, not only in South India but also in India. It is a topic of discussion among other film industries in India.

The industry provides abundant entertainment to its viewers. Telugu movies are renowned for their gigantic movie sets, beautifully picturized, hummable songs, extraordinary locales, foot-tapping dance moves, top-notch production quality, and, yes, not to forget, awe-inspiring on-screen performances. It is not uncommon to see Telugu movie fans throng outside cinema halls in huge numbers just to catch a single glimpse of their favorite superstars.

However, due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the Telugu film industry, like several other film industries in India, also suffered a significant setback. The lockdown situation led to the shutting down of theatres, and fans were left sulling at homes. Thanks to the OTT platform, the industry has found its savior. OTT platforms provide audiences the freedom to watch new movies online and shows online while they are forced to stay at their homes. OTT platforms like Aha have offered a lifeline to the struggling Telugu film industry, which has regrouped itself to entertain audiences with their larger-than-life movie productions.

About AHA

Aha is an on-demand video streaming online platform that is solely owned by Arha Media & Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd. Aha is an exclusive Telugu content platform for Telugu people.  It has made watching movies online easy and convenient for audiences.

Aha’s comprehensive online content library includes original web series, movies, and shows across different genres like action, romance, comedy, drama. It has a special category for kids too, where they can enjoy movies featuring several famous human and cartoon characters such as ChotaBheem and others. Aha believes in streaming its content ad-free that ensures nothing comes between you and your joyful moments.

The Aha OTT platform is available on your mobile, tablet, smart tv, and other streaming devices. It is a must-have OTT platform for all, especially the Telugu audience. Not only does the OTT platform feature some of the most notable Telugu films and web shows, but it also provides its viewers and subscribers with the best movie and web show reviews to help you gain valuable insight. Its online streaming services are undoubtedly the best, and that is what makes it a great OTT platform for viewers.

With the current Covid-19 crisis becoming worse and worse with each passing day, it is unlikely that fans will soon see the face of cinema halls. Even if the theatres were to reopen, the social distancing guidelines, and viewers’ awareness regarding their health, will prevent them from visiting. It, therefore, makes perfect sense for viewers to enjoy their favorite movies from the safety of their homes till the pandemic lasts.

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