Learn More About The Benefits Of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

Learn More About The Benefits Of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone also commonly referred to as PQQ in short. These are a type of redox cofactor and are also popular by the name of methoxatin. It was first discovered in bacteria and was the third redox factor known to the human world. These are majorly found in the soil as well as some fruit such as kiwi. It is also found that it is present in a limited amount in human breast milk.

The enzymes that contain this redox factor is called quinoproteins, and one such example of quinoprotein is glucose dehydrogenase, which is widely used as a glucose sensor. PQQ is also said to promote growth in bacteria by its enzymatic interactions.

Benefits of small dosage consumption of pyrroloquinoline quinone

These small quinone molecules that were considered to be vitamin due to its similar functioning in the body of humans are actually a redox agent in cells and is fully capable ofreducing oxidants along with modifying signal and works mostly to support the mitochondrial functioning of the cells.

With recent studies and research, it is concluded that these molecules of pyrroloquinoline quinone can be used for the treatment of multiple types of problems in the human body.While there has been a lot of positive response and successful results for treatment with PQQ in vitro conditions, there are comparatively lower results regarding treatment in vivo conditions, and it still remains a wide and open range of work.Let us have a look at some of the benefits offered by these redox molecules:

  • These small redox molecules of PQQ are capable of inducing multiple cellular pathways, along with the production of nerve growth factor in the human body. With the help of protecting neurons and stimulating nerve growth factors in the brain, these molecules of PQQ also promote and help in improving the cognitive functioning of the brain that includes memory and attention.
  • It has a diverse range of benefits for mitochondrial functioning. It is proven to diminish the mitochondrial oxidative stress and also stimulates the process of mitochondrial biogenesis.
  • It protects the cells in our body from the oxidative damage and promotes themetabolism of energy as well as the process of healthy aging.
  • It is useful in putting an end to minor problems related to the kidney as well. In animals, it is proven to protect against the metabolic-related diseases in the kidney.

Learn More About The Benefits Of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

Side effects and online availability

Till now, the consumption of PQQ is considered safe, and no adverse side effects are observed when it is consumed according to the prescribed dosage. There are many food supplements along with oral pills that provide an easy alternative like Palmitoylethanolamide for the intake of PQQ. Sometimes due to the deficiency in the production of these molecules inside cells, it is prescribed to consume it through pills, so that it can accelerate the required processes inside cells.

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