About the world famous novelist – Assia Djebar

About the world famous novelist – Assia Djebar

Assia Djebar is a famous novelist who born in the Algeria and also she is a film maker and she is an admired person for her work to explore the rights of the Arab women. After doing all the wonderful things and writing huge number of novels based on the women freedom and rights Assia Djebar died on Feb 7 at the age of 78. Her death was happened at the Paris hospital which was announced by the Académie Franchise who elected Ms. Djebar a member of the parliament in the year 2005. He has received huge honors and awards for her work where the president Francis Hollande stated about Ms. Djebar in his speech as a “woman of conviction whose has the fertile and multiple identities fed her into the work between France and Algeria, between Arab, Berber and French.

Assia Djebar contribution as a novelist

Assia Djebar has written more than 15 books that include the poems, novels and plays which were then translated into 23 languages. Among this collection of lists there were also popular and society related novels. The novels “So vast the prison” is mainly about the subordinatio0n of women in Arab society whereas the “Algerian white” is a novel that is based on the violence and death that happens in Algeria where this is found to be the short-story collection. All his novels were published in the United States by the seven stories press where these novels got huge popular and it created a great impact for the freedom and made changes in the life of Arab women. Assia Djebar has received the Neustadt prize for her contributions to the world literature that counted among the number of literatures, novels and poems but the literature of Djebar got selected for the award.

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